History Of Tyres

A tyre is a covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect it and form a flexible cushion between the vehicle and the road surface.  Tyres consist of a tread and a body.  The tread provides traction and the body ensures support.

Tyres History

Today, we all take tyres for granted.  Here is a brief history of the tyre.

The earliest tyres were bands of iron wrapped around a wooden wheel rim.  This ‘tied’ the rim together and so the tyre was born.  John Dunlop, a Scotsman developed the first practical pneumatic tyre for his sons bicycle in the 1880s. The Michelin brothers of France marketed the first removable pneumatic tyres in the 1890s, and in 1915 the first Cord Tyre was invented.  This was known as the cross-ply.   This was a major step forward, and by 1947 the radial tyre was invented.  This revolutionised the transport industry and was the forerunner of the modern tyres we use today.

Bridgestone Tyres History