UK chancellor George Osborne has scrapped – or at least, postponed – the planned 3p rise in fuel duty in his Autumn Statement. With reports suggesting that UK mileage is holding reasonably steady, this represents a crumb of short-term comfort for businesses and motorists, though the Office for Budget Responsibility prediction of stagnant growth will keep the pressure on the UK economy. Though fuel price campaigner Quentin Willson welcomed the news, arguing “money that's spent on fuel duty is not spent on the wider economy”, it seems likely that campaigns to reduce fuel duty will also continue, since the chancellor will continue to be pressed to take gambles to help kick-start the UK economy. Tyre service specialist ATS Euromaster is amongst those calling for reductions in fuel duty, while PwC’s automotive expert also pointed out that the fuel duty rise is still due to happen on 1 September 2013.