Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone tyres are often fitted as standard by many leading car manufacturers, choose from a wide range of tyres to suit your driving conditions and type of vehicle. wether you are looking for an all-season tyre, sports performance tyre or a 4×4 tyre Bridgestone offer something to suit.

Bridgestone Range of Tyres Available

Bridgestone 603 – primarily for motorway use
Bridgestone 613V Bridgestone Tyre Prices

Bridgestone B250
Bridgestone B330
Bridgestone B340
Bridgestone B360
Bridgestone B371 – hatchbacks and small saloon cars
Bridgestone B381 – premium passenger all-season tyre
Bridgestone B390 – Featuring Bridgestone’s innovative Uni-T Technology
Bridgestone B391 – Designed for small to medium vehicles
Bridgestone BG30
Bridgestone D604 – Desert Dueler 604V on and off-road tyre
Bridgestone D610
Bridgestone D673 – Dueler M/T D673 is designed for the cross-country vehicle
Bridgestone D680 – Dueler H/P D680 is a sporty high-performance tyre – DONUTS technology
Bridgestone D682 – Dueler H/T D682 is a highway terrain tyre for recreational vehicles
Bridgestone D683 – Dueler H/L (D683) with UNI-T AQ is a Highway All-Season tyre
Bridgestone D684
Bridgestone D687 – Original Equipment (OE) All-Season tyres
Bridgestone D688 – Top quality 4×4 tyre for everyday motoring
Bridgestone D689
Bridgestone D693
Bridgestone D694 – bench-mark in 4WD tyres
Bridgestone D840
Bridgestone Dueler 400 – Quiet and comfortable ride
Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza
Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport
Bridgestone EL42 4X4 – Turanza EL42 is a Grand Touring All-Season tyre
Bridgestone ER20 – Handling and cornering stability
Bridgestone ER30 – Quiet tyre, It is stable, even at high speeds
Bridgestone ER300
Bridgestone ER31
Bridgestone ER33 – Sporty blend of ride quality, noise comfort and handling
Bridgestone ER370 – Outstanding wet grip
Bridgestone ER42 Runflat – OE limousines and on the BMW 7 Series
Bridgestone ER70 – High-performance tyre is geared for the grand touring
Bridgestone GR01 / GR03 – OE tyre on smaller Nissan vehicles such as the Micra
Bridgestone R230 – Excellent manoeuvring and cornering
Bridgestone R294 – Commercial van tyre noted for its
Bridgestone R400 / R410 – Offers highest longevity and mileage as well as security on wet roads
Bridgestone R623 – tread compound formulated to provide directional control in wet conditions.
Bridgestone R630 – An advanced tread design, with key hole and 3D siping
Bridgestone R640
Bridgestone RE010 – OE summer tyre for sporty vehicles due to their ability to corner at high speeds
Bridgestone RE011 – OE tyre on the Suburu Imprezza WRX.
Bridgestone RE030 – High-grip tread compound molded into a symmetric tread design.
Bridgestone RE031 – High-speed stability and traction on dry roads,
Bridgestone RE040 – Sports and performance coupe tyre
Bridgestone RE050 – OE on many high-performance vehicles
Bridgestone RE050A – Responsive handling, high-speed stability and traction on dry roads
Bridgestone RE070 OE on the ultra-high performance Subaru Impreza WRX-STi
Bridgestone RE080 – Formula One technology. Response and control beyond your dreams
Bridgestone RE40 – Ultra High Performance Summer Original Equipment tyre
Bridgestone RE71 Featuring the Denloc bead profile in the Porsche 959 sizes.
Bridgestone RE720 For sporty drivers,there’s nothing better on the market
Bridgestone RE88 – OE tyre on the Honda Civic and Accord and the Mitsubishi Galant and Carisma
Bridgestone RE93 – OE All-Season tyres. Developed for use on new cars and light trucks,
Bridgestone RE96 – Performs well in both wet and dry motoring conditions
Bridgestone SF226 – Good family motoring steel belted tyre with balanced handling characteristics
Bridgestone SF321 / SF322 – OE equipment steel belted summer tyre on Suzuki Vehicles
Bridgestone SF327 – Designed for small saloon + compact cars.
Bridgestone SO1 – OE summer tyres are an appropriate tyre choice for sporty vehicles
Bridgestone SO2 – OE tyre on Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Honda and Porsche vehicles
Bridgestone SO3 – Pole Position reaches the peak of performance in both wet and dry conditions
Bridgestone TR2 / TR3 SPARE – Space saver tyres are only meant to travel over a short distance

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Brief History of Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone tyres formed in the 1930s in Kurume, Japan by Shojiro Ishibashi. .The name Bridgestone comes from a translation of “ishibashi meaning Stonebridge” in Japanese. By the 1950’s Bridgestone was Japans largest tyre manufacturer. In 1970 Bridgestone sponsored the Bridgestone golf tournament now known as the Bridgestone open. Ishibashi died in 1976 but Bridgestone forged on, entering new markets and development.

The 1980’s began with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the company. 1982 saw the studless snow tyre. By 1986 Porsche adopted Bridgestones “Re71” high performance tyre as the official tyre for the Porsche 959 the fastest production car of that time. By 1988 Bridgestone had moved into the U.S.A when it bought firestone tyre company the 2nd largest tyre manufacturer in the U.S.A for $2.6billion this made Bridgestone a global company.

By the 1990’s Bridgestone was involved in formula 1 racing, and cars equipped with the Bridgestone” Potenza” tyres had four podium finishes and in 1998 had Mika Hakkinnen win the drivers title on a car with “potenza” tyres many more success followed and in 2008 Bridgestone became the official tyre supplier to F1 ,not to be left out Bridgestone motorcycle tyres are the exclusive supplier for moto GP world championships.